Personalised LED Night Light

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This adorable  LED acrylic light is the perfect option to add some wonder to any child's room.  Add that special touch to your childs room with our night lights. They provide the perfect amount of light to make them feel safe at night.



You have the option to have first name only, or first name and second name, this can also be changed to room if required. ie Aria’s Room.


Package includes:

1 * Light base

1 * Spacer

1 * Personalised Acrylic Insert


Please ensure that all care is taken in handling your acrylic blank to ensure that no scratches or breakages occur.


The acrylic is covered with a protection layer. Once this film is taken of it will be clear with your image engraved.


The light base comes in RGB (Rainbow) colour on a USB power cable (power adapter not included).


The light base comes with a multi-control switch which gives you the ability to cycle through all of the colours of the rainbow, set it to a "breathing" light changing effect and also gives you the ability to dim and brighten the light. A great feature for children's bedrooms.

This can be powered via any USB port for convenience and practicality.





18.6cm from tip to bottom of base plate. 15cm wide. 2mm thick. + spacer plate.


Mermaid Tail:

21cm from tip to bottom of base plate. 14.3cm wide from tip to tip. 3mm thick. + spacer plate.



16cm tall from tip to bottom of base plate. 18.6cm wide from tip to tip. 2mm thick. + spacer plate.



16cm from tip to bottom of base plate. 24cm wide from tip to tip. 3mm thick. + spacer plate.



14.5cm wide, 3.5cm high, 6cm wide



0.5cm- 0.51cm wide, 9.34cm long



Care Instructions:

Gently clean with soft microfibre cloth only. No cleaning products should be used, as you could mark/scratch the acrylic. Do not use paper towel, tissues or sponges as these will leave scratch marks on the acrylic.


These are made to order and have a current turnaround time of 2-4 days. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.